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Heroic effort sees Canopy project completed!

Our spectacular new canopy on Platform 2 at Bolton Street station is now complete following the culmination of 18 months of teamwork.

On Wednesday 2nd December a small ceremony at Bury Bolton Street Station took place to recognise charitable trusts and businesses that had been involved in the resurrection and were able to assist financially or through undertaking work for the project.

The task was a phenomenal undertaking from when the first of the old steelwork was wrestled back to life back in July 2014, when the ‘first sod’ was cut on the platform 2 to receive the new columns, when we heard the devastating news about the collapse of our glazing supplier and the loss of £17,000 right up to now when our customers are able to enjoy the benefits of an all-weather amenity that is second to none, we would suggest, anywhere on any UK heritage railway.

A huge debt of gratitude is owed to our Civil Engineering team who have laboured through the climatic vagaries over the past 8 months and who have been confronted by so many technical problems during the build.  It is they who have made sure the new structure was complete in time to meet the oncoming winter weather and to give us that much needed extra space to welcome more visitors to the railway in the future.

Thank you to all those that helped with the project. We certainly Raised the Roof!

Now we will look towards our next canopy project at Rawtenstall… More details will be announced soon.






Glazing fitted to the Canopy roof!

Tuesday 9th June marked the occasion when the canopy project entered the next phase of its erection. The process to fit the polycarbonate panels, which arrived during May, was started which will once and for all see the roof put up over platform 2.

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