Platform 2 Canopy


Much has already happened with the project in readiness for the re-erection of the canopy in the spring and summer of 2015.

The alterations to the front elevation of the Trackside building that were necessary to accommodate the back face of the canopy roof have now been completed. The surplus architectural stonework, recovered from the former Bury Corporation bus garage will go into store for use in some future project.

The design drawings for the new construction have been prepared by the ELR’s Civil Engineer and are now with structural engineers William Hare who have generously offered to undertake the design calculations and ‘sign-off’ for the canopy. This piece of work is vital as we have to convince ourselves and the building regulations people that the structure will stand up to the rigours of the local climate.

The components necessary for the canopy roof have been identified from the huge stock of items recovered from Oldham Mumps and which are currently in store at the Baron Street site and whilst it is all in a generally sound condition it bears the many layers of paint that have been applied during its L&Y, LMS and BR days. This has been painstakingly removed and all the components been shot blasted back to bare metal by our contractor and then painted by our mid-week volunteers. These parts will then be placed in store until the re-erection work starts.

Another formal hoop we have to jump through is obtaining planning consent from the local authority. A planning application has been submitted and a positive response to the development is anticipated by the end of September.

Quotes are currently being obtained for the roof cladding components much of which will be on long lead times so ordering will need to be scheduled for the autumn if we are to have the materials on-hand in time for installation in the spring.

There is much work left to do but we have made a great start and there is a great deal of energy within the ELR to see the project through to completion. All we need to do now is make sure that we can deliver the venture on time and to budget and the early signs are very encouraging.


The Platform 2 canopy project is one of the final pieces of the puzzle needed to create a more customer friendly environment. The canopy on platform 3 & 4 was fortunate enough to survive from the days of British Railways and when the line closed was left in situ, albeit in need of some restoration.

During the last few years the existing canopy on platform 3 & 4 has been restored and fitted with new exterior glass creating a very impressive part of Bury station as well being a fundamental part of the customer experience in order to provide a dry and shaded area whilst waiting for a train.

The project on platform two is slightly bigger, in fact there is nothing there to restore. The original station office buildings once built by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway company which had a canopy attached to it were demolished many years ago. A new building was built which now houses The Trackside public house in 1996 however at the time there was no funding or materials available to construct a canopy.

In 2010 an opportunity arose with the planned closure the Oldham Mumps station. This station had a canopy spanning the central part of the station with the parts being ideally suited to construct a canopy at both our Bury and Rawtenstall stations.

Many of the parts used in the construction of the Oldham Mumps canopy are identical to those already in place on existing canopy at bury and so the opportunity came to relocate the canopy to Bury.

Since its move to Bury the canopy has been stored awaiting renovation and funding to procure its installation. Some of the funding is now in place in order to the proprietary work needed to start the construction process with work now being planned for completion in the summer of 2015.

However, to make sure the canopy is in place for next summer we need additional funding to ensure our canopy has a roof. The project in total is to cost around £100,000 with the roof alone costing £40,000.

With your help we will see the project finally complete and in place ready to be enjoyed by our visiting customers.



The reinstatement of the platform 2 canopy has become increasingly needed in recent years due to the continued growth of the East Lancashire Railway and The Trackside public house. The inside seating area of The Trackside is only small so an additional seating area is provided outside on the platform for guests, however during inclement weather this can be particularly unpleasant hence the need for a covered, heated and lit seating area.


From the first initial appeal to save the canopy from Oldham various fundraising efforts have contributed around £22,000 towards the cost of the rebuild. Plans are now at advanced stages in readiness to start the rebuild to cover platform 2. The costs and expertise needed to undertake such restorations are rising sharply as time advances from the heritage era that the ELR seeks to recreate.

To help us achieve the rebuild of the canopy by summer 2015 we will require help from many sources. We would welcome any donations which are a vital source of income for the East Lancashire Railway. All gifts, both large and small are gratefully received and would see the canopy completed on time.

There are many ways to give:

A Regular Donation – make a monthly donation of whatever you can afford – Click here to download a standing order form

Donate online – directly to the East Lancashire Railway – it’s quick, easy and secure

A Gift in your Will – remember a loved one with a donation



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