80097’s boiler work moves forward…

Work to complete the boiler restoration of 80097 is moving at pace in order for it to return to the ELR during November.

Repairs to the holes of the inner copper wrapper have been made. The holes were out of shape and required a copper smith to weld the holes back to size, after this was completed the holes were then reamed to size then reamed back into line with the foundation ring. Once this repair had finished, it enabled the team to rivet the foundation ring to the inner and outer wrapper.

Stays have now also been fitted and then trimmed down to the required sizes. This was then followed by being riveted down until they have formed around the wrapper and whilst this was taking the remaining patch screws were caulked over.

More progress has also been made on the barrel of 80097:

Firstly, the two separate barrel sections have been riveted together; to do this the rivet holes were reamed out to 24mm. Then the rivets, which were 7/8”s in size had to be cut down to length, then the two sections could be riveted together.

Secondly the dome was fitted to the barrel and the exact same procedure as riveting the barrel together was carried out.

The next part of the overhaul was to fit the tube plate to the barrel, this wasn’t as straight forward as anticipated as the tubeplate needed to be straightened. Once this was complete then it could be bolted into position until the rivets are delivered to permanently fix this into place.

Boiler 1 Boiler 3 Boiler 4 Boiler 5 Boiler 6 Boiler 7 Boiler 8 Boiler 9 Boiler 10


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