£15,000 award received from Awdry Charitable Trusts!

The platform 2 canopy project is steaming forward to completion following the substantial grant of £14,000 from the Hilary Awdry Charitable Trust followed by a further grant of £1,000 from the Veronica Awdry Charitable Trust. The grant came following an approach during March to assist with the funding of the canopy’s completion in order to see it partially completed by the annual Raise the Roof music event.

Richard Barnet, Fundraising Coordinator commented on the award by saying ‘We are only to grateful to the trusts for their generous support shown by way of a £15,000 donation. This goes to show how much support there is for the project which undoubtebly bring benefits to the railway once completed.’

Of course many recognise that the Awdry sisters are the daughters of the late Rev. Wilbert Awdry, who wrote the well-known Railway Series/Thomas the Tank Engine books.

‘Naturally we feel the award is very fitting to a railway that hosts 3 Thomas the Tank Engines events a year which attract 17,000 visitors a year.’ Richard added.

On top of this award the railway could be in line to receive a further £10,000 from the Aviva Community fund if its application is successful. Currently the railway is involved in a process which the railway will need to be in the top 20 in order to be considered.

The £10,000 award category currently has just over 800 other projects listed of which 20 go through to the final panel of judges who then decide on 5 winners. We managed to receive 10,729  votes and indications suggest that there is no other project that has managed to achieve that amount of votes! The finalists will be announced on the 4th of June so fingers crossed we can march on.



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