Canopy Progress – Thursday 2nd April  

Platform 2 Canopy Project

Today the final piece of canopy structure was lowered into by the railway’s own 100 ton crane. The steelwork construction phase of the project reached its climax as volunteers bolted the final piece into place to the delight of all that watched the work taking place.

The work undertaken over the last few months has made a big difference to the project with the results clearly on show for all to see. The next phase will be fitting of the glazing bars which will arrive in around 6 weeks.

Key work to be completed includes:

  • Fitting of the glazing bars
  • Fitting of polycarbonate roof
  • Valance and gutting to be added
  • Electrical work including lighting and heating to be installed
So far we have raised £18,000 for the canopy project which again we thank our generous supporters for. Without your help we would not be able to undertake work like this and hope that through these newsletters and articles you see that your money is being put to extremely good use.

You can still support the project by making a contribution to our appeals. If you would like to make a donation then you can use one of the following methods:

A Regular Donation

Make a monthly donation of whatever you can afford. You can download a Donation Standing Order Form by clicking here.

Donate Online

Contribute through a one-off donation online via The Big Give. It’s quick, easy, and secure.

P.S. Don’t worry we have not forgotten our other projects and will be updating you on progress very soon. Watch this space.


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