Canopy purlins now in place – digging the holes is next!

Since the arrival of the timber for the canopy there has been a big push during the last month to cut to shape, paint and fix the purlins to the canopy temporarily. The trial fitting of components has now been completed and so attention will now turn to the production of the upright posts.

After the Christmas break attention will turn to digging the holes ready for the posts to be erected and once this is complete, the erection of the canopy can start in earnest.

With this in mind, we are expecting to be able to order the polycarbonate for the roof around May, however we still need to raise funds in order to procure the purchase of this.

The polycarbonate alone will cost in region of £40,000 which will be the major funding spike in the project which will see platform 2 finally covered.

We have a lot to look forward too once it is completed which we are sure our many diner customers and pub goers will reap the benefits of, especially through the inclement weather.

DSC_0002 DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0009


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