80097 progress…

Work does not stop during this cold period as we can again report more progress on the locomotive.

80097’s cladding sheets are being fabricated now as well as the machining of various other components. Work is now focusing on preparing everything for the boilers return in order to minimise the time the locomotive is not in steam therefore making the most of the 10 year certificate.

Work to finish the regulator connecting rod has now also been completed which is another tick in the completed items box.

The team are also really battling the elements in the cold workshop in Bury and have appealed for help in the form of heating. If anyone can donate a workshop heater of some description then they would be most grateful.

150165_834791303239837_6699272308147169317_n 10481966_834791729906461_1411680800568795546_n 10678844_834791616573139_8202558230216403024_n 10698451_834791763239791_7790822277082244438_n 10806458_834791449906489_8305333142836478044_n


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