We pulled the Crab!

East Lancashire Railway staff are to undertook a “sponsored pull” of their flagship LMS “Crab” 2-6-0 No.13065 loco on Tuesday 30th September to begin a major campaign that aims to raise around £¼ million for three key projects.

Teams of volunteers and employees plan to drag the 108-ton locomotive in an event at Bury Bolton Street Station on September 30 to mark the triple launch of the “Bury Station Canopy” appeal, the “Standard Tank 80097” appeal and the “Coaches for our Future” appeal. This is only the second time in the ELR’s illustrious 27-year history that it has made such an appeal to its 4000 members, as well as the general public, for donations.

The “Canopy Appeal” will be launched with the intent to raise an estimated £90,000 to rebuild a canopy taken from Oldham Mumps station on site at Bury Bolton Street Station. The canopy will bring Platform 2, and the outside seating of the Trackside Bar, under cover. The “Standard Tank Appeal” heralds the end of a 30 year restoration project. An estimated £120,000 is needed to complete the locomotive within the next few months. “Coaches for our Future” will strengthen the East Lancashire Railway’s existing coaching stock.

Richard Barnett, Sales Manager for the East Lancashire Railway, has said; “We think this will be a great platform to launch our new fundraising appeals and that this will represent a real turning point for the fundraising future of the railway. By getting our volunteers directly involved in the process we are cementing the sense of community that makes the heritage railway industry so unique, as well as securing the future of this vital heirloom of British history”.


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